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Hamburg Engineers
for Thermal Treatment Plants

The general planner for your energy and environmental technology plant is

We are an experienced, multidisciplinary association of Hamburg engineering companies and have been collaborating with each other for over 20 years. Whether waste or sewage sludge recycling, district heating or industrial power plants – we are the perfect choice for all planning requirements. As general planners, we will guide you through all phases of your project, from the preliminary study on through to commissioning.

The was founded in 2001 in order to bundle the various specialist disciplines under a common roof. The idea originated with Dr.-Ing. A. Nottrodt, who was a member of with his engineering office and remained our acknowledged mentor until his death.

The chosen form of cooperation has proven itself in many large projects and has shown significant promise for the future.


Our engineering offices combine extensive knowledge of the targeted subject matter added to many years of experience.

The members of connect the latest expertise with experience taken from planning, the authorization, the construction and the operation of multiple plants both nationally and internationally. Together, we cover all disciplines from process and energy technology to electrical engineering and control technology, as well as building services and construction technology.

General planning, thermal and waste-to-energy process engineering

Wandschneider + Gutjahr Ingenieurgesellschaft mbh

Civil engineering

Fiedler Beck Ingenieure AG

General planning, air-pollution control technology and energy process engineering

Tiede & Niemann Ingenieurgesellschaft

Electrical and control technology

Selck Planung & Beratung


Engineering offices








Jointly we realize your project and your goals accordingly

The manages and accompanies you through all phases of your project: from the initial feasibility study, to tendering and awarding of contracts on through to commissioning. Our accumulated range of experience from more than 20 years of project work for thermal treatment plants as well as industrial and thermal engineering plants is the foundation of our work. In doing so, we handle the coordination of the project and ensure a successful course of planning, construction and handover to commercial operations.

General planning covering all service phases

  • All trades across the board
  • Sewage sludge, waste, biomass, steam, electricity and district heating
  • New plants and installations, conversions, extensions, upgrading during ongoing operation
  • Performance increase, capacity increase, travel time increase, upgrading
  • Manufacturer and technology independent

From the initial study to commissioning

  • Concept and feasibility studies, variant analysis
  • Functional or technically specific (EU-) tenders, VOB or BGB
  • Tendering by lots or to general contractors
  • Permit management, application submission, cooperation with permit issuing authorities
  • Technical and overall construction management by highly experienced permanent staff or freelancers with many years of working together

Overall project management with well-coordinated teams

  • Experienced project leaders with interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Staff consistency from the pilot study through to trial operation
  • Proven structures and allocation of tasks
  • Deadline, quality and cost-justified processing
  • Flexible and quick reaction time to any project changes

High quality engineering planning

  • Cutting-edge technology through a variety of current projects, seminar lectures and publications
  • Integrative site planning in 3D for all trades (Autodesk, Revit)
  • EBSILON for the simulation of combustion, water-steam cycles, energy and mass balances
  • Seamless development of a process from block diagrams, to process flow diagrams, to P&I schematics
  • Development of customized and creative solutions

Project management through best practices

  • Clearly defined project steps and interim goals
  • Anticipatory thinking that takes future developments into account
  • Transparency and documentation in decision making with client participation
  • Transparent interface coordination
  • Reliable cost assessment through a multitude of reference projects


Thanks to our wide-ranging portfolio, we are your first point of contact for the planning of thermal treatment plants

Renewal of waste incineration plant Tornesch

Customer: GAB
Location: Tornesch
Time Period: 2021 – ongoing
Info: General planning for the new construction of a waste incineration plant as a replacement for the existing plant.
Partner: W+G, T&N, Selck, fbi

Sewage-sludge incineration plant

Customer: KENOW
Location: Bremen
Time Period: 2018 – ongoing
Info: General planning, tendering of lots and construction management for the new building of a sewage sludge incineration plant on the site of the harbour CHP plant.
Partner: W+G, T&N, fbi

New sewage sludge incineration plant Munich

Customer: MSE
Location: München
Time Period: 2017 – ongoing
Info: General planning, general contractor tendering and construction management for the new construction of a sewage sludge incineration plant on the site of the Gut Großlappen sewage treatment plant.
Partner: W+G, T&N, fbi

Waste incineration plant

Customer: SRH
Location: Hamburg
Time Period: 2019 – ongoing
Info: Overall planning, extended heat utilization for the extraction of district heating by means of flue gas condensation, absorption heat pumps and heating condensers from two waste incineration lines and a biomass incineration at MVB Hamburg.
Partner: W+G, T&N, fbi, Selck

Refurbishment of a sewage sludge incineration plant

Customer: SES
Location: Stuttgart
Time Period: 2016 – ongoing
Info: Overall planning, tendering in lots and construction management for the upgrading of line WSO2
Partner: W+G, T&N, Selck, fbi

Modification of flue gas cleaning at residual waste power plant

Customer: RBB
Location: Böblingen
Time Period: 2016 – 2019
Info: Overall planning, tendering in lots and construction management for the conversion of the wet flue gas cleaning system to a two-stage dry procedure
Partner: W+G, T&N, fbi

New construction of a turbine for MVA Hagen

Customer: HEB
Location: Hagen
Time Period: 2011 – 2016
Info: Overall planning incl. air condensers in power plant and turbine house, tendering and site management in lots
Partner: T&N, Selck, fbi

Lucerne waste incineration plant Renergia

Customer: REAL
Location: Luzern, CH
Time Period: 2010 – 2011
Info: Overall planning for the new construction of a waste incineration plant until assignment of process engineering
Partner: W+G, T&N, fbi

Overall planning for the renewal of the flue gas cleaning system

Customer: BWB
Location: Berlin
Time Period: 2009 – 2015
Info: Overall planning, tendering in lots and construction management for the upgrading and refurbishment of the wet flue gas cleaning system of the waste incineration plant in Ruhleben, Berlin
Partner: W+G, T&N, Selck, fbi

Medium calorific power plant Bremen (MKK)

Customer: swb
Location: Bremen
Time Period: 2006 – 2009
Info: Overall planning, tendering in lots and construction management for the new building in the existing harbour power plant
Partner: W+G, T&N, Selck, fbi

Upgrading of the Bielefeld-Herford waste incineration plant

Customer: MVA
Location: Bielefeld
Time Period: 2005 – 2015
Info: Design planning, tendering in lots including local construction supervision
Partner: W+G, T&N, fbi


Our unique network of engineering offices guarantees a successful implementation of your project.

Network of well-coordinated engineering offices

We have known each other through our collaborative work for over 20 years and understand each other well, which is aided by short communication channels.

Extensive wealth of experience

Through decades of cooperation with our customers, we have been able to gather extensive operational experience from the most diverse areas and the widest range of tasks.

Independent and free from supplier interests

The engineering companies of are owner-managed and independent engineering firms and free of supplier interests.

Flexible & trusted cooperation

Our owner-managed, flat organizational structure enables us to act quickly and flexibly – in accordance with the best Hanseatic tradition of mutual trust and good faith.

These and other companies rely on our work

Wärme Hamburg
Berliner Wasserbetriebe
Münchner Stadtentwässerung
Kenow Klärschlammentsorgung NWD
Vattenfall Energie
Entsorgung St.Gallen
The general planner for your energy and environmental technology plant.


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